Healing Dr Murphy

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Marrying Alan Morgan

Sparks fly when a feisty red-haired city girl with a past that makes it hard to trust, meets a bitter, disillusioned farmer who’s sure love isn’t worth the effort. But sometimes, the heart knows better than the mind.

Saving Jonathon Armitage

A woman come home for family, a man sworn to moving on, jealousy, distrust and misdirection, a life transformed by love.

Finding Mr Wright

Escaping her violent ex-husband by claiming sanctuary in Oxley Crossing is the best decision Geni Sullivan has ever made – for herself and her son, nine-year-old Jamie.

Electing Robert Whitman

At the second wedding in a matter of months, Sophie James is seated next to the man she had a teenage crush on. A single, unattached man to whom she is still very attracted. When she returns to The Crossing to help her mother, she decides to take a chance on him.

Redeeming Josh Marten

Opposites attract when vibrant, outgoing Thea Benson meets withdrawn, curmudgeonly sculptor, Josh Marten, but behind her bubbly image, Thea is not who she appears to be.

The Making of Joey Lambert

In the rural town of Oxley Crossing, love is in the air and romance always triumphs, no matter the challenges. But can The Crossing work its magic for Sienna?


Loving Fenella

When artist and teacher, Fenella Wilkins, is inspired to paint Greg Kendall, she falls in love with both him and his daughter, Aimee. But he is engaged to the beautiful model, Linda Beck. It is against Fen’s principles to poach another woman’s man, even when self-centred Linda is the other woman.


When a soldier returns from the front minus his memory, is he the same man he was when he left? How can Krista be sure which man she really loves?

Unto Death

In Colonial society of the 1860s marriage is a contract unto death; and scandal is death of another kind.

Emily's Baby

In the 1950s an unwed mother needed help if she was to keep her child. Emily had no family, and no money, but she would do whatever it took to keep her precious baby.

Home is the Heart

Eliza risks all, travelling half way round the world in search of the home and family of her own for which her heart yearns.

With the husband she loves, Eliza migrates to Western Australia in search of a better life, arriving just in time to be swept up in the gold rush. The young couple meet with tragedy at Southern Cross, and Eliza is on her own, only now she has more than herself to consider.